Working Groups
The activities of the IntelliCIS COST Action are organized in four Working Groups (WG). Three WGs promote research specifically dealing with intelligent monitoring and control of specific application infrastructures. In addition, there is a WG which focuses on the development of a common methodological framework for bringing together the various application domains. This will ultimately lead to the cross-fertilization of ideas between the areas and will assist in achieving one of the fundamental objectives of this Action which is to bring together researchers from different research fields with common scientific challenges. An additional objective is to investigate models and design methodologies for the interaction and interdependence between application infrastructures; for example, the interaction in monitoring communication networks and electric power networks.
The four Working Groups are:
WG 1: Intelligent systems approaches for critical infrastructure systems (CIS).
WG 2: Reliable management and control of electric power systems.
WG 3: Reliable management and control of telecommunication networks.
WG 4: Health monitoring and control of water systems.
  Last Update: April 18, 2013